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    transparent semi-permeable wound dressing
    Transparent island dressing
    Surgical Incision Protective Film
    Medical Rolls


    Why choose us
    the PU film ,we coate PU and adhesive by ourself and we have now advanced technology Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, the Chinese government has taken effective measures and achieved remarkable results. Our company is more focused on the production of superior products: PU film coating layer, surgical film (with iodine), self-adhesive wound dressing, tape, etc.
    As of March 8, the rate of industrial enterprises returning to work in our city has reached 100%.
    Shandong cheerain Medical Co., Ltd. has set up a medical team to ensure the basic physical condition of the company's personnel so that the employees can return to work as soon as possible without delaying production. Our company has taken safe and reliable measures to resume production. The company actively coordinates suppliers and logistics channels, adjusts production strategies and other ways to ensure the supply of raw materials and production operations. Now we have sufficient raw materials, stable suppliers and sufficient stocks. The sales department and production staff have already returned to their posts and actively put into their own work. At present, the products produced by the company will pay more attention to product quality and safety, and the delivery and delivery time of products will return to the same as before, striving to do a good job in product quality and better serve customers.

    Because of the COVID-19, we will be more united and work harder, and the company will take "science and technology serve the public" as the core, take "improve the quality of life of the public" as its own responsibility, take "your health is our expectation" as the concept, and continue to advance and develop, so as to build the company into a famous high-tech medical manufacturer of international medical enterprises.
    Cheerain company profile
    we have 100 square meter purified laboratory with ten thousand grade,1600 square meter sterilization workshop and warehouse. Including 2600 square meter GMP decontamination workshop .
    Cheerain factory profile
    The company selects a complete set of automatic production equipment produced in Taiwan and other places, and sets up the process flow and quality management system in strict accordance with syetem.
    Cheerain Foreign trade capacity
    The company's foreign trade personnel have participated in many exhibitions in the United States, France, Germany, Dubai, Shanghai and other places to meet new partners.

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